GrungeCake developed a new outlet through fashion to produce timeless and limited pieces that speaks directly to its core fans. Aren’t you excited? With plans to reach everyday people all over the world, GrungeCake keeps it simple. What better way to represent a company you love?

Our colour schemes are neutral and muted to allow each beautiful and delicate skin tone shine in full. Our plan is to compliment your faces, never to take away.

Our “slice” shape is a simple graphic representation of our complexities and mysterious brand. More on that later…

We decided to document this look book at Chinatown Skate Park, because of the history our editor shares with the location. A few years back, she attended "Harold Hunter Day III". It was one of the first skateboarding-related events she covered for her publication. She has also attended skate competitions in Groton, Connecticut, planned a skate and bake in Denver, Colorado, interviewed Project Spark in Staten Island, New York and in the process of working alongside one of skateboarding's most prominent players.

Most importantly, she loves Harold Hunter. So, she wanted to find a way to tell his story and keep him alive without being cliché.

She is not a skateboarder or representing a company specifically for skateboarding culture, however, she relates to outcasts around the world.

In Summer 2006, she worked at Cornerstone Promotions where she promoted Cool Java (iced coffee brand) at the chosen location. She cites that job as one of her favourite jobs ever.

Harold Hunter didn’t live a long life, but he did what he loved whilst he was here. Unlike Harold Hunter, many gifted and talented people do not get to live out their dreams. Hopefully, in GrungeCake, you will.

Most of our concepts are created in Queens, New York and produced all over the world. Look forward to our summer releases!


Embroidery Logo Tank

There are three colourways available:

Grey and Black
Grey and Gold

To place an order, send an email (at any time) at the address below with the name of the hat you'd like to purchase or call (646) 404-1638 with your credit or debit card information available. All major credit cards are accepted. If youhave any questions about other forms of payment, send an email with your inquiry.

Each hat is 25USD and shipping is 5USD for domestic shipments. International shipping is also available. Kindly call during business hours. Business hours begin at 10am eastern time and ends at 5pm. All orders should be placed between Tuesday - Friday. We look forward to hearing from you.